Searching for a job in the current market

With jobs being made redundant and people being stood down for an indefinite time in mass numbers, the search for a new job can seem incredibly overwhelming. Searching for a job no matter what market we are in, is something that requires a well thought out approach over a pot luck, spray and see what sticks approach. There are smart ways to navigate the job market and seek work right now.

  1. Firstly you need to have all of your tools in order and this includes your resume. Spend the time on getting this looking sharp, make it relevant to the roles you want to apply for.
  2. Map out a plan, what locations will you work in, what salary are you after, what days and hours are you available, what qualifications do you have, how quickly could you start a role, what style of company and leadership do you work best under. Map out all of the elements that need to be considered so you can apply for jobs with a clear plan of what that job needs to have to be right for you.
  3. Update your LinkedIn profile, connect with past managers and colleagues, turn on the “open to opportunities” feature and make your network aware you are actively seeking employment opportunities.
  4. Get in touch with a recruiter and let them know you are looking, ask questions and seek advice as to what the job market looks like for your skills today and in the coming weeks.
  5. Search job boards, social media and LinkedIn job pages for opportunities. Make sure you are only applying for roles that are relevant to your skill set, that are in realistic locations with a salary that matches your experience level. This part you need to take a realistic and considered approach as doing the opposite can work against you.
  6. Look to other industries that are experience increased need to hire, do they have opportunities that your skills could transfer well into. Medical, insurance, supermarkets, IT are all doing well and they are all industries with layers of roles; supermarkets have people that operate checkouts yes but they also have accountants, customer care teams, HR teams, marketing departments. Look deeply into these companies and where you could fit in.
  7. Consider temp or contract work, its s short term solution to a short term problem. Once the market stabilises and life returns to normal more job opportunities will open in the field you have or want to work in, apply for your career role then.
  8. Access financial support through the government, seek advice from your accountant and see if you can put yourself in a financial position that eases the pressure slightly as finding a role right now may take a bit more time.
  9. Make sure when you do have that interview you are presenting yourself professionally, you are on time, you have researched the company and the job description and ask questions. Take this opportunity seriously and be prepared to be flexible around interview methods, times and processes.

Searching for a job in the current market--