3 LinkedIn updates to make today

LinkedIn is one of the most effective business networking tools in the world. It is an incredible platform to connect you with dream jobs, companies you look up to along with colleagues past and present. It is also a fantastic tool when used correctly to elevate your career and network. Keeping your LinkedIn profile relevant and up to date is vital. This week on the blog, we wanted to share the top 3 things you should do today to update your LinkedIn profile. 

1 – Keep your profile photo current and professional. If you have had updated profiles shots taken at work or if your appearance has drastically changed then its time to update your photo so people can recognise you.

2 – Skills – Make sure you are regularly updating the skills you have tagged on your profile. These are like magic when people are looking for someone with your “skills” or experience they can search by these, so it is essential to make sure they are up to date. An example of what you could use in real estate would be; Negotiation, Certificate of registration, Business development.

3 – Job title and current company – Make sure this is up to date so that your network is aware of what you are currently doing and where you are working. This is a way to be given a referral or approached about an opportunity that could boost your career.

3 LinkedIn updates to make today--