Accepting a Job Offer – The Do’s and Don’ts

Accepting a job offer can be an exciting and scary part of the job search process. As recruiters, it is our responsibility to ensure that we're placing you with a company that fits all parties. Upon our initial interview, we will ask specific questions to understand what is important to you in your next role. Asking questions such as; salary expectations, how far would you travel to work. Along with your previous frustrations of past jobs, it will give us a broad idea of what is important to you.
We take this information to match you with the best role and company to align your career with. We believe that it is essential for us to get to know you; our candidate as this will allow a seamless and easy transition into accepting a job offer.

We have put together a list of things to consider when you are next in a position to accept a job offer.

What's important – You need to evaluate what is important to you and what you're not willing to accept if presented with a letter of offer. If you were able to secure 3 out of the four things you wanted in a new role, would you pass up the job offer knowing you would be able to achieve the 4th in due time?

Remember Super – When talking about salary package, make sure you understand if the salary you are offered or are requesting includes things like superannuation or even allowances.

Do your research – Do your research when it comes to your wage. Remember that NSW Fair Trading have legislations in place for those candidates entering into the Real Estate industry. Job boards are also great to assist with research but make sure you consider the level of experience required for each salary as this is easily overlooked.

Trust – Remember to trust your recruiter. They see numerous jobs and candidates daily and are up to speed with what is realistic when it comes to stepping up, increasing your salary, training, bonuses, and so much more. Take our advice and insight and use it to benefit your career, even if it's not always what you want to hear.

Negotiation - Pick your timing when it comes to negotiating an offer. Throughout the entire interview process, the consultant and hiring manager will likely have a note of what you are seeking. These notes will help formulate an offer and going back to negotiate after you have spent the entire interview process telling the interviewer training is more important than salary can backfire. It is ok to discuss your offer and question it but also reflect on the information you have shared throughout the process so you don’t lose credibility or the offer.

Accepting a Job Offer – The Do’s and Don’ts