Employers - are you winning or deterring candidates? 

Many employers recruit on a regular basis. But that does not always mean they do it in the most effective and respectful way. As recruiters, we see some employers that are doing all the right things to hire the perfect candidate. On the flip side, we also see employers that are doing things which leave a negative impression on the candidate. Obtaining or trying to obtain a new job as a candidate is a very nerve-racking process, so it is important that the employer/recruiter can make them feel as comfortable as possible during this process.
We have put together a few things that employers are doing in the current market that is both winning and deterring their dream candidate.


Congratulations – One of the most effective ways to make a new employee feel welcome is simply by congratulating them on receiving the role. Whether this is a simple phone call, message, e-mail or card, the simple gesture can go a long way. To go the extra step, receiving a congratulations from each person in the team will make that moment extra special.

Having a clear vision – Finding the perfect candidate can be a timely and sometimes expensive process, so it is important that the employer has a clear vision of what they want. This includes having a clear and concise role description for candidates to look at as well as planning what their first weeks in the new role will look like. This includes establishing a proper training process in place and constant follow up to make sure they are on top of everything.

Looking at transferable skills – Sometimes employers only look at the experience relevant to the role advertised and sometimes neglect skills from other careers or industries. Looking at skills that can be transferred across is sometimes an effective way of staying proactive within your business and is often a breath of fresh air. This works hand in hand with their willingness and attitude to train. Sometimes having someone with no experience and a positive attitude is better than having someone with the relevant experience but a poor attitude.


Ghosting on feedback – If the employer has declined a candidate after the interview stage, an effective and positive way of going about this is providing feedback to the candidate. This way the candidate can understand where they can improve or where they may have fallen short to be offered the job. At the same time, this ends the process on a more positive note rather than a disappointing rejection.

Being too fixed on salary – After all, the salary is the main reason why people get a job. Being fixed on a salary is a common way of deterring away great candidates. By providing some flexibility, it increases the talent pool and reaches a larger number of candidates. Giving that flexibility can cater to certain individuals needs and allow the employer to hire the right candidate.

Diluting the hiring process – When advertising a new role, it is important that the employer does not water down the role and have every recruiter trying to find the right candidate. It is important that employers maintain a level of exclusivity with the role, that way they can find the right candidate and focus on quality over quantity. Trust that the recruiter will find you the right person.

Employers - are you winning or deterring candidates?