Being productive on your commute to work

The trip into work for some can be lengthy and boring and for others it can be quick and relatively stress free. Commute time is commonly seen as dead time but it can be utilised in many ways to help make you more productive for the day ahead or even for the next day. I have put together some suggestions on how to maximise your commute time and to tick a few things off your to do list.

Podcasts – There are so many to choose from and the great thing is there are ones that last a few minutes and others that last 40 – 60 minutes so they cater to all commute times. You can be industry specific and stick to real estate and property or you can reach out to business and leadership content, daily news or even interviews or current affairs.

Phone calls – Provided you are in the quiet space of your own car and have hands free, the commute is a great time to return voicemails, or make a touch base feel good call to someone in your network.

Email – If you commute via public transport then clearing your inbox before you get to the office, flagging the important emails, reading newsletters, and deleting what is not needed. These will all get you on top of your inbox before you arrive for the day, this can also save a lot of time and it prepares you to get straight into action once you walk in the door.

Plan - You can write a hit list of things that need to be achieved for the day ahead or for tomorrow. Note down voicemails to return, emails to follow up, notes for meetings etc so that you are a step ahead with a plan and you can then break up your day into chunks based on tasks that need to be completed.

Coffee – Having your morning coffee on the commute will save that wasted time at the cafe or in the office kitchen upon arrival. So once you walk in the door you can log onto your computer and get straight into it.  

Otherwise use the time to switch off and take a break from the world before getting stuck into meetings, calls and a busy inbox.  

Being productive on your commute to work