Bouncing back

Recruiting for the property industry means that our days are just as turbulent as those of our clients, we ride the wave of low stock, lending changes along with record prices and low days on market. When our clients are up so are we and when they are down we generally go down too. In those waves it’s easy to feel burnt out or disconnected and unmotivated and you can question your love for the job or the lack of freedom it may be giving you. Recruitment like property is a fantastic industry to be in and the ups and the downs will always be there, its how you deal with them that matters the most. Today we share our tips on riding the wave and bouncing back.
Lock it up – I once heard a speaker at a conference say they lock their phone in the boot of the car on Sunday for a few hours. The temptation to look at it is removed and they enjoyed time without it buzzing away in the background.

Health – It’s amazing what eating good fresh food can do to your mood, I found that if I plan out my meals for the week ahead and prepare as much as I can on the weekend for that week, I eat better and feel better within myself. Even taking lunch and having a decent breakfast makes a noticeable difference.

Good people – Keep your circle tight and full of people that cheer loudly for you, the ones that encourage you to keep going and get excited about your wins no matter how insignificant they might be.

Me time – If it’s 1 hour per week or a full day, make the time to do something you love like yoga, cooking a great meal, a swim in the ocean, retail therapy or even going for a coastal drive with the music blasting. Taking time away from “work” will help your switch off and focus your mind else where.

Switch gears – Sometimes taking on less appointments, phone calls or social functions for a few weeks can help you re-gain balance. Saying no can be hard, however people understand if you’re honest as to why you need to say no this time.

Mind over matter – Don’t buy into the hype! Stick to your lane, focus on your patch of grass, switch off the news, stop listening that negative friend that always thinks the sky is falling. Focus on the good and the good will focus on you. 

Bouncing back