Building a sales team

Sales Agents are the most in demand no matter what condition the market is in. Often when speaking with my clients they will start or end the call with “if you come across any good agents, let me know.” Building a sales team doesn’t have to be difficult, there are ways you can increase your business, if you take a long term view to recruiting.

Hire green and grow – Hiring candidates that area fresh to the industry that have a transferable skill set can be fruitful. Hiring from another industry where the candidate has been in a sales role and worked towards targets, or worked in hospitality and has strong customer service skills and the ability to juggle multiple priorities.

Fail to plan, plan to fail – Taking on entry level staff means you need a training and success plan for them in your business. You can’t blame them for failing to meet your expectations, if you don’t offer them training, an ideal day and goals to work towards.

Network – Attend other agent’s opens, get talking to people in the community not only about selling their house but about career opportunities in sales. Attend industry functions, lend your expertise to talk at careers days, industry events. Have the mind set of “always be recruiting.” 

Meet the market – Look at what you are offering, is it competitive in the market? Do you have flexibility or remote access for working parents? Do you offer additional financial incentives on mortgage and property management referrals? Do you offer training and mentoring to help the agents grow their bottom line? Are you regularly checking in with the team to assess what they need to grow as individuals? 

Building a sales team