Common interview questions and answers

Some interview questions are easier to navigate than others, and some interviews can leave you mind blank after being asked the simplest question. We have complied thee of the most common interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your next interview.
Tell me about yourself. This one really seems to get some interesting answers because you don’t know if you should be talking about who you are outside of work or if you should be talking about all of your greatest career achievements. If you view this question as a way of being able to take full control to highlight your work experience, a recent workplace achievement and what you are like as a team member this gives the interviewer a well-rounded view of who you are and the experience you have in a nutshell.

What are your salary expectations? This one can be a make or break answer, so be sure to be prepared when it comes to answering questions about salary. The best way to be prepared is to do your research on the average salary; this role attracts, and your recruiter can help guide you on this. You should look at the skills required for the role you are interviewing for and review them realistically against yours to see how closely they match. Don’t use this as an opportunity to get yourself a hefty pay rise as 9/10 times it will backfire. Be honest about what you earn and where you want you’re earning to be whilst taking your research into consideration. This way, you can navigate a suitable salary together with your interviewer.

Tell me about your weaknesses. The most common answer is “I’m a perfectionist” it has been used time and time again and realistically isn’t accurate as to what your weaknesses are. Admitting a workplace weakness is not a negative thing; it allows your interviewer to see what value they can add to your skillset and career through the training they can offer. If you aren’t the best at Excel formulas or making cold calls just own it, that way you can get the training you need to help bridge the weakness or you can eliminate an un-enjoyable task from your role so you can focus on what you are good at to ultimately add the most value to your next team.

Remember to be honest in your answers and concise, if the interviewer wants more information, they will always ask you to elaborate. Interviews managed properly from both sides can be a great platform to set up a fulfilling long term career, so make the most of your next interview opportunity. 

Common interview questions and answers--