Common resume mistakes

Often great candidates miss out on incredible job opportunities due to a poorly executed resume. This document is the first critical step in the work search process and getting the basics right can help land your resume in the interview pile. Don’t let the following 5 mistakes appear on your resume:

1 – Spelling and grammatical errors: Proof read your resume, spell check, have a fresh pair of eyes look over it. Then review it again yourself to make sure nothing is missed.

2 – Incorrect information: This document is about you, it is a story of your work history so it is important that you get all of the information about your experience correct from dates to job titles.

3 – Formatting: Ensure all of your fonts match and are in a size that can be easily read, avoid bold colours, pictures and loud fonts as this can make the document hard to read. Be mindful that some formatting can be lost through various application portals, meaning your application doesn’t arrive in the employers inbox looking the same way as you sent it.

4 – Attention to detail: Make sure your phone number and email address is correct so that the potential employer or recruiter is able to get in touch with you to discuss your application.

5 – Lengthy resumes: Keep it concise, and in point form because long resumes can be hard to extract the relevant information from and you could lose the attention of the reader. Keep it relevant, use the interview to further elaborate and sell your skills and experience.  

Common resume mistakes