Creating a winning team culture

If you’re looking to retain good staff and avoid a revolving door through you’re office then you need a winning team culture. Everyone has their own idea of what that looks like and each office and team can differ in what sets their culture apart. Here are some key things you can adjust in your business to help create a culture that not only retains great staff but also attracts them.

Communication: The open door kind, where everyone is clear on what is happening, avoid withholding information and share things with your team. Your team will mirror your behavior regarding open communication, if you are transparent with them they are more likely to open to you instead of walking away from the business with unspoken and unresolved frustrations. Open communication can also make staff feel valued and important, which they are.

Energy: The strongest energy good or bad will dominate a room. Be incredibly mindful of this when you are having a bad day or have something going on outside of the office, leave it at the door.

Flexibility: The rigid clock in, clock out, 9-5 is fast becoming a thing of the past. Offer flexibility within reason, if someone needs to work from home because NBN is being installed then allow it, taking a lunch break to hit up the gym and recharge is a good thing. Give and take need to be equal but don’t be all take and no give, allowing these windows of flexibility creates loyalty and the team are more likely to give back in other ways without being asked.

Growth: support ideas, training, technology, new systems and process to move with your market and competition but to also keep your team sharp and fresh. Staying ahead of the game is exciting for some and daunting for others, so pick an idea a month and workshop it as a team and roll it out if it’s viable.  

Feedback: The power of feedback is enormous! Having those regular 1 on 1 sit downs to assess where your team are at, what are they working towards, what help do they need from you to reach their goals and share with them your observations on their performance both positive and constructive. The feedback goes for leaders too, ask your staff in that 1 on 1 for feedback on how you’re performing as their manager, you will be amazed at what you will hear. 

Creating a winning team culture