Explaining resignations, CV gaps, and being fired

It’s highly likely that throughout all of our working lives we will hit a career glitch that requires explanation. These glitches are often in the form of a redundancy, being fired, gaps in your CV or a resignation. Conversations and explanations handled truthfully, and delicately around these touchy topics can still lead to positive outcomes when it comes to landing your dream job. Below is some advice on how to best explain these questions in an interview situation.

You need to be clean on why you left a role or want to leave a role. Don’t start rubbishing your co-workers or manager and make it all their fault. Be honest yes but also tactful. If you have left due to a manager you could try saying “The leadership style didn’t match what I need to be able to perform at my best, the leadership style I work best under is XYZ”

CV Gaps
Again honesty is best, if you took time off to start a family, travel the world, follow a passion project or for health reasons just be upfront. You can always put a brief note in your resume that fills in the gaps and what you were doing in those time periods.

Be honest with yourself when it comes to why you were let go, own what has happened and the part you played in the termination. If it was because you were under qualified then explain that to the interviewer, let them know you are happy to take a step back and work your way up to a more senior position. If it was for more serious reasons then you need to demonstrate the steps you have taken to rectify that behavior or those actions to avoid a repeat.

Unfortunately redundancies happen, it’s never nice and sometimes it can come rather unexpected. Don’t be the victim, focus on what you can offer to the company and role you are interviewing for. It’s also a great idea to have your previous manager down as your referee so they can verify your redundancy and skill set.

No matter what the setback make sure you go into your interview being honest and confident.

Explaining resignations, CV gaps, and being fired