Fresh interview questions

A fresh approach to interviewing and the way you ask questions can change the dynamic of the meeting and the quality of information you receive. Candidates are expecting to be asked about strengths and weaknesses, along with where they want to be in 5 years’ time. Those traditional interview questions have candidates crafting the perfect response to give you. 

If you want to shake up the way you interview and the questions you ask to get a more accurate picture of how they will fit into your business, then I would suggest starting with the below questions. 

  • Tell me a time when you exceeded the expectations of others.
  • How would you influence a client to use our services to sell or manage their home? 
  • Describe a time you had a difference of opinion with a client and how you handled it. 
  • Tell me about a time you had to do two things at once that were equally important. 
  • How would your manager and team deliver work to you in your perfect workplace? 

You might also consider mixing up the interview locations to see how a candidate behaves in different environments. Take them to a café for a second interview and see if they are more open with their communication. A good interviewer will have the ability to get the candidate talking, a change of environment and a fresh way of asking a traditional question should result in a better quality interview.

Fresh interview questions--