How do I dress for an interview?

Knowing what to wear for an interview can be stressful, the way in which you present yourself has an influence on your success rate in an interview. Dressing professionally so you kook smart but so you are also comfortable is important. Your attire should mirror the company you are meeting with, a three piece suit for an interview on a construction site might not be the best choice.

Research the company and their dress code, or if you’re working with a recruiter speak with the recruiter about what they suggest is appropriate attire for the interview.

Avoid revealing clothing or anything that is ill fitting, or looking tired and worn out.

You can’t go wrong with anything that is navy blue, white, black or grey. Just make sure your colours match, nothing looks worse than two slightly different shades of the same colour pieced together.

For an office based meeting I would always suggest wearing a tie, even if the business doesn’t dress that way from the research you have done.

For women a tailored dress, skirt or pants with a blazer will always look smart.

For men a classic and well fitted suited is always your safest bet. However if the work place wear’s chinos and blazers which you can then mirror their dress code as long as it follows the rules of being well fitted.

Small things like freshly washed and dried hair, a fresh manicure or even to be freshly shaven can complete the look of being professional. If you have any piercings (besides the bottom of your ear) it is always best to remove them for the interview and cover up any tattoos. 

How do I dress for an interview?