How to prepare for an interview

You’ve landed a job interview and don’t know what to do next? We have the tips for you to help you best prepare so you can put your nerves at ease and confidently step into that interview, equipped with everything you will need to nail it!

Research: The company you are interviewing with, the person interviewing you, along with the job description.

Resume: Know the content of your resume, this will be used a reference point throughout the interview. Make sure you are clear on the achievements you have noted on your resume etc.

Plan: Map out the journey if you drive or catch public transport, you need to know how long it will take to get there.
Questions: Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer to show your interest.

Dress: Make sure you have appropriate interview attire, that you are clean shaven, freshly manicured and have washed and dried hair. Wear a tie and take out any piercings as well as covering up tattoos.

Silent: Turn your phone on silent, take it off vibrate and make sure your smartwatch is on a setting that will stop it from interrupting the interview.

Time: Make sure you are on time, don’t be any more than 5 minutes early and if anything unforeseen happens which is going to make you late, phone ahead to let your recruiter or interviewer know.

Avoid: Energy drinks, large amounts of caffeine or anything that could make you jittery or experience a sharp energy slump mid-way through your interview.

Nerves: Take a deep breath, stay focused and enjoy the process. Practicing your interview questions with a friend or in front of the mirror will help you get more comfortable with the questions, which will help ease your nerves. 

How to prepare for an interview