How to stand out from other applicants

Job market shift and change constantly and that can be the result of market disruptors, technology or policy changes or even economic factors. Some times there is a plethora of jobs and not enough talent to meet the demand and other times it swings in the complete opposite direction where there are a high number of talented individuals all competing for a minimal amount of job vacancies.

Whatever the market you need to work on what sets you apart so that you can stand out and correctly position yourself for the job you want. Our advice to help you stand out in a market that is going to be talent-rich and job poor is as follows;

Be relevant – Stick to roles that match your skills and abilities. Shooting for the stars and having a scattergun approach to your work search will do you no favours it will work 100% against you. Be razor-sharp about exactly where you fit and what you should be realistically applying for to secure a job opportunity.

Attitude – This is everything, you need to be patient, gracious and positive about the feedback, rejection and opportunities that come your way. How your approach this is likely to be a deciding factor in the shortlisting process.

 Proactive - Follow instructions to the letter. If you're required to submit a cover letter and a resume, then do it, if you're required to follow up with a call in 3 days or send your referees in 24 hours make sure you stick to the instructions. This is a part of the process where many people fall, and it's an excellent time to shine and showcase how seriously you are taking the job search process. 

Be prepared – Do your research on the company and your interviewer, be on time to the interview, dress the part. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to being prepared from the moment you send your CV to when you walk out of a final interview.

Sell yourself – Focus on your achievements, the value you can add, and what is it about you that makes you the best person for the job. Take the time to work through these areas so you can confidently and accurately sell yourself to the interviewer.

How to stand out from other applicants