How to write a Job Description

An effective job description provides enough information to determine whether someone is suitable for the position you are looking to fill. All businesses have different staffing needs so it’s important to create a job description that suits your business instead of copying someone else’s. Creating a clear job description will help you attract and recognise the right person throughout the recruitment process. Your job description should include;

  • The position title
  • The name and job title of the person this role reports into
  • The department the position sits within
  • Employment status; full time, part time, or casual along with permanent or contract
  • A summary in point form of what the job involves day to day
  • The key responsibilities of the job
  • Skills, knowledge, experience, certifications or education required
  • Remuneration, allowances along with bonuses or commissions offered
  • You might also like to add a start date  

It's also important to make sure the allocation of responsibilities for the role are fair and that they reflect what the job is here and now not what you want the role to be in the future. Review the description and have someone else that is familiar with the position review it too, some companies will also have a policy that HR must sign off on this document prior to it being released.  

How to write a Job Description--