I want to work for a million-dollar agent

When I meet with candidates one of the things, we discuss is the type of agent and agency they want to work for and why. A lot drop some big names that write big fees and in turn they perform at the top of their game. They want to learn from those agents but aren’t always sure how to go about landing a role in their team. Below are some of the criteria these top performers often look for when hiring staff.

  1. Presentation – You are the face of their team and the business so presenting yourself in a professional manner from head to toe is of utmost importance and at the top of the list.
  2. Stability – This is within your career to date… moving agents or agencies every 6 - 12 months isn’t favorable.
  3. Commitment – These high performers don’t clock in at 9:00 am and out at 5:00 pm, they often work 6 days per week and will expect your clock watching days to be long over! They live and breathe real estate and have worked hard to structure their work and personal lives to fit together.
  4. Team player – You will need to be a team player that will step in and do what it takes to get the task done. This can be anything from an after-hours negotiation through to organising cleaners and sending contracts at 5:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon. You need to be prepared to do it all. 
  5. Experience – There is an expectation that you have the relevant experience for the role they are hiring for – these agents run fast, so hand holding will be limited however mentoring and learning on the job will be in abundance… just don’t confuse the two.

No matter what agent you work under you need to make sure that working with them is the right fit for you as well as them. There are some fantastic agents and agencies that write big and small fees, they all have very different offerings. Be very clear on what you want from your role and also seek out the right agent/agency fit based on that criteria not based on what commissions they write.

I want to work for a million-dollar agent--