Job searching and working remotely through Covid-19

Uncharted waters are exactly what we are in with the current pandemic. Everywhere you turn there is opinion and news on the matter and quiet frankly it’s over whelming and confusing. We don’t know what the coming days, weeks or months may hold, and the vast majority of my clients are “business as usual” with some tweaks to protect the health of their employees and clients.

So what do you do in this state of “new normal” when it comes to searching for a job or working from home? We have put together some ideas to help keep you focused and on track, so post virus you can move seamlessly into the direction you were already headed.

Work from home tips:

  • Maintain routine; get up at the same time, use what would have been your commute time to get in some exercise, start your work tasks at the time you normally would, and try to follow that for lunch breaks and finish time. 
  • Write lists; I find the best way to stay focused in a new and sometimes distracting environment is to list all of the things you need to achieve that day and work your way through the list. 
  • Get on board with communication tools to maintain contact with your team and clients, this can be through Facetime, Google hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger. 
  • Have a daily team call to plan the task for the day, regroup at lunch time to ensure you are all on track and still working in the same direction. This will also help with accountability

Job searching:

  • Update your resume, take the time to get it look sharp and current.
  • Practice interview questions such as:
                 - Tell us about yourself 
                 - Why are you looking for a new opportunity 
                 - What has your greatest achievement been to date 
  • Continue to search job boards and speak with your recruiter. Available roles may decrease and positions may be put on hold, but be proactive in communicating that you’re still available.
  • Be flexible when it comes to interview times, locations and methods.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile, connect with past and present colleagues, network socially to source opportunities and strengthen relationships.
  • If you’re in a secure role and you don’t need to make a move then stay put and ride this out.

What ever unfolds we will get through it and life will return to normal at some stage. Be patient, proactive and stay focused. Embrace technology and the fact the world works in a way that affords such great opportunity for many to still work.

Job searching and working remotely through Covid-19--