Post interview follow up

If you are working with a recruiter or dealing directly with a company that is hiring, your post interview follow up is important. Not knowing what to say or who to say it to can leave some candidates confused. Below are some easy to follow steps to help you navigate follow up after your next interview.

When dealing with a recruiter – Call the recruiter straight after your interview and share your feedback. That way the recruiter can debrief with you and follow up the interviewer to share your feedback and to get further feedback to share with you.

When dealing direct with the company hiring – At the end of the interview ask them about next steps. Take this feedback on board and work with it, if they ask you to wait a few days and they will be in touch then you need to do exactly that. If those days pass give it an extra 24 – 48 hours and you can then follow up with a call or email.

Thank you notes and emails – Sending these is great just be mindful of how they are delivered. If going through a recruiter, best practice would be to forward something onto the recruiter to share with the client on your behalf. If you deal direct with the hiring company and you are giving the interviewers business card or contact details throughout the process then a quick thank you email is completely acceptable. If the client has stressed the position is confidential, be mindful of sending follow up emails in case someone else in the business has access to the email and finds out something they maybe shouldn’t. 

Post interview follow up--