Video Interview Preparation 

Video interviews have swiftly become the new norm, for anyone who hasn't interviewed before via video it is highly likely that is about to change. Video interviews are likely to be held in the early stages of the recruitment process, so there is a strong chance you will still have a traditional face to face interview at some point. If you feel confident with interviewing or if you get nervous, you still need to be prepared. Video interviews add a whole new list of things to the preparation list; however, once you have these check-off, you should be in a strong position to blitz your interview.

Maintain eye contact and don't fidget
You don't need to look directly at the camera, but you do need to stay focused on the screen and the people/person you are speaking with. Avoid swirling on your chair, or playing with a pen too as it is distracting.

First impressions count
Dress and present yourself from head to toe like you would if you were sitting in their office. Doing so will make you feel confident.

Test the audio, camera and software before your interview 
It's a smart idea to do a quick call with a friend to test everything out the day before your interview. Doing this will give you a chance to iron out any technical glitches.

Ensure your device is fully charged
The interview coming to an abrupt end due to a flat battery and you then have to scramble for a powerpoint midway through the call is not going to leave a good impression.

Strong wifi/reception
Test the service in different parts of your home and pick an area where its strongest.

Tidy background 
The place you decided to take the interview should be clean and tidy, with nothing in the background that is distracting to the interviewer. It is also essential to make sure the area you a sitting in is well lit.

Choose a quiet space to have the interview 
No passing foot traffic, television or music that may carry. Give your housemates or family the heads up that you are taking an important call, so you need silence for that time.

If you need help adjusting to video interviews and job searching in the current market, Recruit & Consult can offer interview preparation sessions. These will help guide you on putting your best foot forward for your next interview.

Video Interview Preparation