Questions to ask an employer in an interview

Getting an interview for a job you really want can be exciting, preparing for that interview so you can nail it is key. A part of that preparation should be around the questions you as the candidate can as your interviewer. Asking questions can do two things, the first it can show your interest in the opportunity and the interviewer. Secondly it can help you uncover more information about the opportunity and the company to make sure it’s the fit for you.  

Below are some questions that you can ask in your next interview;  

How has the position become available – this can give an insight around staff turnover of the potential to promote within the company.  

What does a typical day look like in that role – this can help paint a picture of the tasks you will need to complete and the time frames they work to.  

What are you looking for in a suitable candidate – this can help you compare your skills and if there is something in particular the interviewer is looking to see and you have experience with that you can further highlight it.  

What training or professional development programs do you have in place – If training and professional development is important to you, then you really need to ask this question to make sure the company can offer what you are looking for to help your career grow.  

What are the team like – this can give you an insight into the team culture.  

What are the next steps with the interview process – this well help you manage your expectations around what to expect next.  

At the end of the interview make sure you walk away feeling informed about the company and the role so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.  

Questions to ask an employer in an interview