Second interviews

Congratulations you secured a second interview! An essential and exciting next step in the interview process and it can, in most cases, be the final stage before a decision to offer you the role is made. Preparing for an interview is essential, and even though the interviewer was impressed enough to invite you back for a second meeting, it doesn’t mean you have it in the bag just yet. We put some tips together to help you prepare for your second interview.

Feedback: If there was any feedback, good or bad from your first interview, take that on board and reflect on it to see how you might be able to improve for round two.

Interviewers: Make sure you a clear on whom you will be meeting with and what their role is in the company. 

Deep dive: There will likely be some deep diving into the same questions asked in your first interview. The interviewer has had time to reflect, and they may want to understand further how you solved a complex problem or lead a team through change. Don’t be deterred if feels like you are going back over old ground.

Questions: it’s important you ask any questions you might have about the role, the team or the company so that you can have an in-depth understanding to ensure this is the right role and company fit for you.

Dress to impress: it’s crucial to dress sharp and present yourself professionally from head to toe.

Salary: Be prepared to be asked about your expectations. The best way to do this is to have a chat with your recruiter about salary before the interview. You should also always allow the interviewer to ask this question first.

Next steps: Generally, an interview is finished with the next steps discussed, if the interviewer doesn’t discuss next steps, it is ok for you to ask them what to expect next with the process.

Offer time: There is a chance you will be offered a role at the second interview. If you’re surprised by the offer or would like to see everything in writing first, that is ok. Let the interviewer know you are grateful for the offer to join the team and that you would love to review the offer in writing, and that you will come back to them within 24 hours.

Second interviews