Setting up for success in 2022

The word for 2021 – Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. (Thrive Global founder and CEO – Arianna Huffington)

There is no doubt that this is the perfect word to define 2021. From restrictions to lockdowns, redundancies, and the restructuring of workplaces (to name a few), we have all had to bounce back on more than one occasion throughout this year. COVID-19 has thrown a massive spanner in the works leaving people questioning their career aspirations and job security. The hiring and job market is starting to change as many people assess their transferable skills and consider completely new industries.

At Recruit & Consult, November was an unbelievably busy month. This week we have noticed that things are starting to slow down coming into the end of the year, allowing us to tidy up the office, delegate projects, and tie up any loose ends of outstanding tasks.
We have put together some tips to help you wrap up 2021 so that you can properly clock off and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Write two to-do lists:
1. What do you want to achieve before your last day in the office
2. What do you want to accomplish during your 1st week back in the office

Properly reflect on your current work situation. Are you happy in your role? Are you ready for a complete change of career? Determine your needs and wants.

Reality check! The traditional working environment is becoming a thing of the past. Our Director Carlie attended a webinar covering the transition into a hybrid workplace, and a whopping 92% of people surveyed are now adopting a WFH / hybrid work environment post-lockdown. When determining exactly what you are looking for in a new role, it is crucial to understand the difference between 'work from home' and 'flexible working.'

Work From Home: Working remotely away from a designated office; ultimately, the freedom to work from any location

Flexible Working: A way of working that suits an employee's needs, e.g. being able to work a day or two from home, having the flexibility to start late or finish early to work around appointments or commitments – having the option to change your working hours/arrangements week to week based on your needs

Switch off: Put that out of office on both your email and voicemail so you can have a clean break. It's been a big year, and most clients we have spoken to haven't taken their regular periods of leave, so make the holiday period by completely switching off. 

Learning & Development
If you are looking to get into Real Estate Sales in the New Year, a fantastic resource we recommend is 'The Complete 90 Day Real Estate Sales Induction Program' by Realtair.
It is an induction program that includes a comprehensive training guide covering everything you need to know to embark on a successful career as a professional sales agent.

Setting up for career success coming into 2022
- Put together a list of realistic goals for both your work (5) and personal life (5)
- Get in touch with a recruiter to discuss potential opportunities for the new year, use the holiday period to reflect and switch off, then come into the new year all guns blazing, ready to make that move
- Refresh your CV
CV tips:
1. Please keep it to 3 pages
2. Keep your jobs in chronological order
3. Avoid 'fluffy' words – sell your skills and practical experience
Interview tips:
1. Research the company thoroughly
2. Make sure you are neatly presented
3. Ask questions to show your genuine interest in the role.

Setting up for success in 2022