Job hunting? Six mistakes to avoid

Searching for a new job and going through the interview process is not something that a job seeker does every day. In any job market, whether it is rich in job opportunities or not, there are mistakes job seekers. Unfortunately most of the time these mistakes will cost them an initial interview or even the job offer.

This article offers guidance on how to avoid making a mistake that could cost you the job of your dreams. We have put together six common mistakes we regularly see job seekers make.

Overshooting on salary
We would all love a pay rise and the opportunity to earn more. Salary brackets have skills requirements that must be met in order to achieve those salaries. Be realistic and do not overshoot yourself on salary as the other job seekers you are up against could potentially shine a light on the gap between your skills and the salary you are seeking.

Resumes not up to date
If you want to start the job search, make sure you have updated your resume. Check your employment dates, job titles and skills are all correct. Even your referee details, contact number or address, need to be double-checked. Create a professional email address with profile photo. A recruiter or potential employer will be unimpressed with a candidates’ crude email address or inappropriate email profile photo.

Think this is a term exclusive to dating? Think again, it happens with job seekers as well. It is essential to be on top of your communication, return calls and emails promptly. Recruiters and hiring managers are generally working with other candidates, and strict deadlines. Your miscommunication can throw that out and has the potential to cost you an opportunity.

Scattergun application approach
Blasting your resume to every single real estate job in Sydney and hoping for the best is not a wise strategy. It is vital to read the job advertisement and ensure you meet at least 75% of the criteria. Does the potential role meet your plan regarding location, responsibilities, and salary? Taking a scattered approach means you will get lost in the sea of applications. The recruiter will see you are not taking your search seriously when your resume turns up for multiple roles that are completely different.

Turning up to an interview with your recruiter dressed in your gym gear is not the way to make an excellent first impression. Take the entire process seriously and dress to impress. If you are unsure of how to present yourself for an interview then speak up, and your recruiter can guide you.

Honesty is always the best policy. No matter what, it is your best to be 100% transparent with your recruiter. The most common lies are generally around skills, salary or reasons for leaving your job. Being dishonest will catch up with you at some point, and when it does, it can be costly and embarrassing.

Job hunting? Six mistakes to avoid