Social media for business

The most powerful marketing and promotional tool in today’s market is social media. Without even realising it people will think they know you based on your online profile, and will make up their mind about doing business or connecting with you before they actually get to meet you face to face. The power of this marketing platform can be used in a positive way. There are some agents and businesses in the market that are doing high volume transactions purely off the back of their strong social presence.

It is important to review your social media profile and online footprint to ensure you are sending the right message to potential clients or employers. Our list of quick tips should help you send the right message to your market place. 

  • Select a photo on all platforms that is professional and consistent. Avoid the snap-chat filters or glamorous party photos.

  • Check your privacy settings reflect the information you want to share.

  • Make sure profiles, such as LinkedIn are accurate with your correct job title and employment dates, so they match your answers in an interview or your resume.

  • Avoid any swearing, offensive or discriminatory comments on forums and group pages as these will come up in searches against your name.

  • Don’t blast out friend requests to anyone and everyone, be selective with the audience you connect with and make sure you know who you are sending a connection request to.

  • If you use a social page for business purposes make sure you keep the content consistent and the updates regular.

  • Seek testimonials and recommendations through the review tools on each platform to showcase your talents and successes.  

Overall social media is fun and it should be a reflection of who you are, it is a powerful tool that may land you that next listing, dream job or big client so use it wisely.  

Social media for business