The what and why of staff inductions

A staff induction is where you welcome a new employee into the business and formally introduce them to their new role. It’s a good idea to be prepared when it comes to inducting new staff as they can often feel overwhelmed when starting a new job. Many companies fail to do an induction or they take an ad hoc approach which misses a crucial opportunity to set up expectations, communicate brand messages and create a connection.

Preparation is the key, it will help you retain staff and avoid having to go through the recruitment process over again. Below is a check list to help you prepare for your new employee;

  • Have their email address and computer set up and ready to be accessed from day one
  • Get all the necessary tax and superannuation forms ready to be completed
  • Pre-order their business cards, name badge and other personalised items
  • Explain the hours of operation, how break times work along with times weekly staff meetings take place etc
  • Give them a tour of the office
  • Introduce them to the team and give them a list of their contact details and job titles
  • Explain the process for opening and closing the office and give them an office key
  • Explain the process for requesting leave, sickness and what to do when running late
  • Cover off health and safety information and procedures

Inductions can also be useful for existing staff that are changing roles or departments, returning to work after a long absence or relocating into a new office space. They should be designed to provide practical information on how the business operates along with clear expectations and comprehensive training.  

The what and why of staff inductions--