Tips to improve your LinkedIn profile 

Recruit & Consult recently held a successful webinar with our client base to help them rock their LinkedIn profiles. With so many great ideas shared, we decided to re-cap on everything we learned. We have put together a 9 point plan to help you get your LinkedIn profile looking sharp. This will also help you can build your own personal brand and in turn, have the right job or new client opportunities come your way.

1. Refresh your photo – Having a current and professional photo is a must, people love to see the face behind the profile. This will likely be the first impression people have of you, and according to our sources at LinkedIn, profiles with a photo get significantly more views.

2. Update your headline – This needs to reflect your current job title or the position you generally hold.

3. Region – This is vital so people can find you, putting the current location you are based such as Sydney or Central Coast.

4. Industry – This will also help people find you, and it will help to keep the connections and communication relevant to the industry you work in so you don’t miss a thing.

5. About – This is where you can write a bio on yourself, keep it to a paragraph and make sure it highlights what makes you unique as an individual to your industry. Treat this as your elevator pitch to the LinkedIn community.

6. Experience – Update the roles you have held, the dates you held them and add a few short points about the role you held or company you worked for. This is your opportunity to describe what you do in a short a sharp way.

7. Skills – Tag away on all of the skills that are relevant to you from computer programs to certifications, the more detailed you are, the better chance you have of showcasing these skills to your network and beyond.

8. Recommendations – You can seek these from past managers or clients to showcase your talents and abilities. They are similar to a micro testimonial/reference.

9. Connect – This is the part where you reach out to your past and present colleagues and managers, along with people you have met at networking functions etc. Build your network by connecting with people you know or have interacted with to build credibility.

Tips to improve your LinkedIn profile