Trusting your recruiter as a Candidate

Deciding to work with a recruiter when you commence your work search for some candidates can be a confronting option. You need guidance and advice to help you with your search, but equally you are worried your boss might find out or the recruiter might have a hidden agenda and just place you in any role at any salary to collect a fee and wave you good bye! Good news is the team at Recruit & Consult don’t operate like this, we are trusted consultants that practice the following when approached by a candidate to help them with their work search.
- Open communication: We believe honesty is the best policy, a recruiter that is transparent has no hidden agenda and in turn won’t misrepresent information to you.

- If we are easy to reach via phone or email it means we aren’t playing games, the job search process can move rapidly or as slow as a snail, accessibility to get updates and give updates is vital. Make sure your recruiter calls you back the same day you phoned or responds to an email the same day provided it’s within reasonable business hours.

- A good recruiter will give you proper feedback: they won’t sugar coat it but equally won’t be brutal in their delivery. Work with your recruiter through the feedback to see what you did well and should continue to do and what you need to improve on or where you fell short. Constructive feedback builds a good foundation to not only get y

- Confidentiality: it says it all, your details are kept under wraps and the recruiter should always seek your permission first before sending your CV out.

- Low balling on salary: A trustworthy recruiter will have had the conversation upfront with yourself on salary and communicated what the role is offering, they will get all salary and bonus structures in in writing upon receiving an offer so everyone is on the same page.

- Quality: This means many things but the most important in the job searching process with a recruiter is that they put quality jobs in front of you and not ones that fall short of your expectations.

To start working with a trust worthy recruiter that prides themselves on adhering to the above, get in touch with the Recruit & Consult team today 0450 668 223. 

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Trusting your recruiter as a Candidate