Trusting your recruiter as a client

Deciding to work with a recruiter when you commence your staff search for some clients can be a confronting option; you need guidance and advice to help you with you find the very best fit in the market place and there is no harm in working with a recruiter provided they are trustworthy and have the best intentions. When you look to appoint a recruiter to help with your next hire make sure they meet the following standards.

Do they communicate openly – We believe honesty is the best policy, a recruiter that is transparent has no hidden agenda, won’t misrepresent information to you.

Honest feedback – Asking for and being given constructive feedback can be valuable throughout the hiring process. Listen to your recruiter if they are giving you all the facts good and bad it means they want you to make an informed decision not the easiest one.

Headhunting – The biggest gripe I hear from clients that hire staff through recruitment agencies is they have experienced or are concerned the day the rebate/replacement period is up the recruiter is going to tap the candidate on the shoulder and place them elsewhere, this does unfortunately happen, however I must stress not every recruiter does this. 

Paying peanuts – When you start to push down on fee and remove exclusivity and stretch out rebate or payment terms, you’re removing the incentive for the recruiter to work hard for you. Don’t devalue to power of the old saying “you get what you pay for” it’s important to work with your recruiter on these terms and not against them.   

Trusting your recruiter as a client