What is a Buyer's Agent?

Everybody knows what a real estate agent is, but the term ‘buyers agent’ isn’t so familiar amongst average individuals. A buyer’s agent practically does the opposite of what a real estate agent does. A real estate agent sells property on behalf of a client, whereas a buyer’s agent buys property on behalf of a client. The reason buyer’s agents exist is to relieve the stress of their client. There is a common misconception however that buyer’s agents are only for people with no time and lots of money, but that is not the case. Everyone has different situations that they are in and majority of the time, a buyer’s agent will cater towards their needs. 

What do they actually do?

Understand their client properly – It is crucial that a buyer’s agent properly understands who they are working for, otherwise they may not meet their needs and the buyer’s agent may lose out on a potential client. These needs may include them needing a house with three bedrooms or a backyard. By understanding the client, they can then find them the best property for them.

Property Inspections – Part of a buyer’s agent role is to go out and look at properties in the market. Through this they can gain a grasp of what each property is like and find a potential match for that property with one of their clients.

Negotiating – Negotiating is a skill in itself and takes time to master. Buyer’s agents can negotiate on your behalf and even participate in auctions for you so that you can get the best price on your next property.

Liaising – Buyer’s agent keep a close network with the real estate agent’s in the area and neighbouring suburbs. Real estate agents make their money by helping people sell their property, and buyer’s agents make their money by helping people buy their next property. By them working together, they are helping each other out in their business and please more clients. Real estate agent’s will often run through the properties they have for sale at the moment, and the buyer’s agent will go through them and see if there is a potential fit for any of their clients.

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What is a Buyer's Agent?