What not to include in your resume

As a recruiters we see 100’s of resumes each week, and they are all vastly different. Your resume is your first impression and generally first point of contact with a recruiter or hiring manager. There is plenty you should put into this document to really highlight your experience and abilities, but there are also some things that are best left out. We have complied a list of things we see regularly that we feel a better left off your resume.

  • Glamour or party photos being used as a profile picture
  • A work email or unprofessional personal email address 
  • Your weight and height 
  • The names of your children and partner 
  • The date you wrote your resume 
  • A copy and paste of your job description from an employment contract 
  • Fancy stylized fonts and rainbow colours 
  • Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

A resume is a professional document, designed to highlight your skills, work history and experience. Don’t waste that precious opportunity to make a great first impression with a document that is filled with irrelevant or unprofessional information.

What not to include in your resume--