What to prepare when looking for a new job

The search for a new job can be time consuming and daunting. Once you have made up your mind that you want a new job, it is easy to become impatient about landing your dream job right now. We have put together a six point plan to help you get align everything, thus ensuring a smooth transition from one role to another.  

Update your resume
This is the most powerful tool for your job search. Reflect on all that you have achieved in your current role, training you have undertaken and skills you can take into your next role to help elevate your position and move your career in the right direction. Your resume should accurately reflect where you are at today with your skills, and it should also be concise, sharp and error-free.

Dream job
Get a pen and paper out and get crystal clear on all that you are looking to achieve in your next role, what locations work, what days and hours do you want to be working, what responsibilities do you want in your next role and what professional development are you seeking. Strat to refine what that dream job looks like so once you see it you know, it’s the one for you.

Make time each day to dedicate to your search, this can include reading through job boards, connecting with your network, researching companies you want to work for, updating your LinkedIn profile, returning recruiters calls.

Connect with a specialist recruiter
Recruiters that specialise in a particular field will have a network of clients they can connect you with. They will know market salaries; what roles your skills match and they can answer all of the questions you will likely have about the next job you’re looking to secure.

As the saying goes “dress for the job, you want” - now is the perfect time to get a haircut, a fresh manicure, a few new outfits and a general overhaul of how you present yourself. 

Evaluate your finances
If you are changing industries or having a bold career move, you may find a change in your salary north or south. Look at what you can really adjust to and how long you can maintain at that level. It is crucial to be realistic with what current market rates are. A career move does not always equal a salary increase.

What to prepare when looking for a new job