When you're let go from a job

It’s a dreadful feeling when your role is terminated and most of the time it will come as a shock. The termination of employment can be the result of many factors and doesn’t always have to be for negative reasons. It’s really important to focus on your next steps in order to move forward.

  • Quit the negative talk and rubbishing your employer or colleagues. Remove yourself from that mindset and remember the industry is small so don’t let a heat of the moment comment or opinion cost you down the track.

  • Ask your manager for some constructive feedback as to why you were let go and what could you do to overcome any weaknesses moving forward.

  • It’s also a great time to ask what role your manager feels you’re best suited too and although it might not be the role you had in mind it may be the perfect side or backwards step to move you forward long term.

  • Update your resume and start looking at new opportunities, avoid the scatter gun approach of sending it everywhere. Take the time to look for the right role not just any role.

  • Be honest, if you can explain to your recruiter or interviewer why you were let go you will find that they will appreciate your honesty and it’s more likely to work in your favor compared to hiding what happened.

  • Consider doing some temporary or contract work so you have an income coming in whilst you take the time to find the right permanent position. 

When you're let go from a job