Why do I need references?

Referees are incredibly crucial in today’s jobs market and the decision making process when hiring a candidate. Testimonials and online reviews are great for showing the skills and service but they aren’t a true indication of a candidate’s ability to carry out a job and where they made need further training and development.

The referees that recruiters and employers should value the most are those from who the candidate reported to directly. These people can generally confirm firsthand skill sets along with industry knowledge, reliability and overall suitability to a job and a team.

Once a candidate has been short listed for a job interview that is the perfect time to start the referencing process. A minimum of two references from the most recent roles they were employed in is suggested. Take your time to ask questions and make notes that you can refer back to when it comes to make a decision between who to offer the role to. It can be helpful to speak to the referee about the role and responsibilities you have in mind for the candidate to see their thoughts on suitability and skill fit.  

Why do I need references?--