Why you didn’t get the job

Calling a candidate to let them know they were unsuccessful at an interview is one of the not so great parts about being a recruiter. It can be hard news to deliver but even harder to receive, and quite often that feedback can lead to self-doubt and frustration with your job search. There are millions of reasons why you might not have been successful at interview, we have unpacked 5 of the more common reasons in today’s job market.

You didn’t sell your skills – Don’t assume that the recruiter has told the interviewer everything about you and equally don’t expect the interviewer has read your resume end to end. You need to sell your skills against the requirements of the role and give plenty of workplace examples to back those skills up.

Salary – Never treat an interview or new job as the opportunity for a pay rise! Just because you see the job advertised for $80,000 doesn’t mean your skills stack up to pay you at that level. Be realistic and if you’re not sure on how to pitch your expectations my advice would be, to do your research and then ask the interviewer where they see the salary for the role in line with the skills you can offer.

Qualifications – Moving roles is generally to increase your skillset and broaden your experience. Sometimes companies need to hire someone that can hit the ground running with existing skills that match those to fulfil the job they are hiring.

Poor interviewing skills – Preparation is the key along with your presentation. Take the interview process seriously; arrive on time, look your interviewer in the eye, professionally present yourself and answer all questions with honesty and confidence. If you aren’t great with interviews, then get some help from a recruiter to get you interview-ready.

Dishonesty – Being dishonest about why you left a job, leaving jobs off your CV, your salary, your references, or even your qualifications will catch up with you. The real estate industry, in particular, is a small one, so the truth is bound to come out at some point so don’t let it be the reason you missed out on your dream job.

Why you didn’t get the job