Working Remotely
The Tools, Technology and Tricks behind it.

With Sydney going into a flash 2 week lockdown, majority of people are forced to go into a ‘work from home’ environment. Working out of the office has been a practice many companies have had in place for some time, the push to a hot desk workplace has also created the work from anywhere mindset. It is possible to be productive when working outside of a traditional office environment if you have the right tools and processes in place, along with a few tips and tricks that will have you powering through work in no time.

Tools required:
• A reliable internet connection
• A laptop or desktop computer
• A phone or access to make and receive calls online
• Headset
• A desk and comfortable chair
• Pen and paper
• Powerpoints close by so that everything remains charged

Technology required:
• Cloud-based CRM that can be accessed via a remote login
• Cloud drive to save and access documents such as Office 365 or Google Drive
• Sign on glass technology such as DocuSign, Hello Sign etc
• Video conferencing technology such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype
• Project/task management tools such as Trello or Air Table
• SMS and phone capabilities from your CRM

Good to know tricks:
• In place of a printer create a desktop folder and save all documents that require printing to that so you can then print at a later date
• Create a daily to-do list to keep you focused, even put have lunch, go for a walk on there so you are less tempted to keep visiting the fridge
• Eat lunch away from your desk so you have a break
• Scientific research says that nature like sounds playing softly in the background will increase productivity
• Have one note pad and one file that you keep everything in, that way once you return to the office you know exactly where everything is
• Routine is the key to staying focused
• Have set check-in time 2 – 3 x per day to keep yourself and your team accountable and on task and be sure to have a list of outcomes from the call that need to be actioned before the next call.

Working Remotely<div>The Tools, Technology and Tricks behind it.</div>