Workplace wellness

Wellness and self-care along with balance all seem to be the trending words in work and personal life these days. We are spending more and more time connected to our work place and clients through technology and consumer expectations. This time can start to create burn out or work place resentment if it erodes too much of our own personal time and space. There are ways you can promote wellness in the work place to create more harmony, balance at over satisfaction and productivity.

Exercise: Offering the opportunity to do a team yoga class or personal training session is a great way to build team culture but to also allow for staff to let off some steam and switch gears. The flexibility to attend the gym in a lunch break or organising an office soccer team are also other great options to consider.

Food: Switching the office biscuits or lolly stash for a fruit bowl that is replenished weekly promotes healthy eating and the release of good energy boost instead of the quick fix of sugar.

Environment: Make sure the office is tidy, everything is in order and have regular clean outs. Fresh flowers or plants, a nice candle and some music playing in the background can create a sense of calm for not only your staff but for guests visiting your office.

Quiet: Having a meeting room or a break out space where staff can go and focus on a project or a pressing deadline so they can be in the zone and get their work done. If this isn’t an option offer the flexibility for them to work from home one afternoon or from a café close by to the office so they can get in the zone and work without disruption to get things done.

Leave: Encourage staff to take their annual leave or to switch their phone off over the weekends.

After 5pm: Avoid sending emails after hours that require a response or that will create unease for the staff after reading. Try drafting the emails and hitting send first thing in the morning. This allows them to not panic over a matter and feel the need to have to drop everything at home and respond. 

Workplace wellness