No experience? No problem

We often meet job seekers wanting a career in real estate but don't have any experience. They usually have many of the attributes and hallmarks of great agents - proactive, great listeners, excellent communicators, motivated and high energy but just missing the actual real estate experience. So why would an employer want to hire someone with no experience? Simply put, hiring someone for their potential can sometimes be of the same benefit as hiring someone with experience. This is, of course, dependent on the field and job requirements. Someone with excellent customer service skills but zero qualifications will not quite make it as a surgeon; however, many skills are transferable across various industries and jobs.

Adaptability and willingness to learn
When individuals are new to a profession, they are generally motivated and eager to learn. Willingness to learn and work ethic are hard to teach, therefore, turning away an opportunity to invite a less experienced employee into your team could be causing more of a disservice than you think.

With the proper training and mentorship = loyal + diligent worker = recipe for success.

Innovation & Creativity
With new minds come new perspectives and innovation. In turn, this can enhance a team that may have complacent employees who are resistant to change in the workplace. Combining experienced team members with newcomers can diversify the working environment and add vibrance to the culture.

Where to start and how to sell yourself in an interview with minimal experience?
Applying for jobs can be competitive and intimidating enough when you are “fully qualified.” However, you need to remember that everyone must start somewhere, and the most important step is getting your foot in the door.

Transferable skills
Perhaps you have done some volunteer work in the past or coached a sports team on the weekend; experiences such as these exhibit leadership qualities and require skills that are transferable to the workforce. Think back to that part-time job you had at the cinema, where you had to try and upsell popcorn and choc-top combos with movie ticket purchases, or when you may have worked in a hotel and had to entice guests to upgrade from their standard room to a suite for their stay. In both scenarios, you are using the same skills and persuasive language to try and complete a sale – similar to the process in real estate when trying to sell properties for the best price. Customer service roles require employees to be versatile and work in dynamic and fast-paced environments, which is why you should not leave these experiences out of your CV.

Taking initiative & creating experience
Where you lack experience, you can demonstrate a commitment to learning by taking time to research the company values and identify if these align with your own. By doing this, in addition to referring to terminology in the job description, you emphasise the genuine interest you have in a company and its new role.

It never hurts to do some extra reading or learn a new skill. With Google and the internet at our fingertips, we have access to plenty of resources. Podcasts, videos, industry blogs, webinars, Linked In, even Instagram (the list goes on) can provide us with insight and information to contribute to our expertise (or lack of).
Check out our upskilling blog post for some more ideas on how to put your inexperienced self in the best position for job opportunities:

Ultimately, entry-level jobs are out there for a reason; employers aren’t expecting you to know everything. The traditional hiring process is outdated, so a bit of professionalism coupled with a positive attitude and work ethic puts you ahead of the competition. Don’t burn any bridges throughout your working journey because these can be the saviour in bridging the gap when you lack experience - networking is so important!! Show the employer you are interested in what success looks like in the role by asking questions and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

No experience? No problem