What is a code of conduct and why do I need one

A code of conduct is a set of rules, values, ethics and the vision for your business. Having a code of conduct in the workplace, provides staff with clear guide on what the standards and expectations are of them, when doing their job and representing the business.

It's important for all staff to understand and agree to your code of conduct, as this helps to build the reputation of your business and its company culture. Your code of conduct should be followed whenever employees are working for or representing your business which includes;

  • Day to day performance in the workplace
  • Attending work related social events this includes with and without clients present
  • Social media activity from their own accounts to the responses they post of other accounts
  • When taking a business related trip
  • Representing you or your business at an event, meeting or training seminar
  • Attending property inspections or appraisals

Beneficial to businesses of all sizes, you should see a code of conduct as a tool to provide direction to your employees to ensure that the public image of your business is well preserved and a harmonious culture is maintained. Getting the input from the team upon writing one up, reviewing it or rolling it out is the key to getting uptake from your team to carry out the code.

What is a code of conduct and why do I need one--